Bubble Tea

Everyone loves our bubble tea! We use good quality black tapioca boba, carefully brewed over 30 mins and blended with brown sugar to ensure the soft yet chewy taste.

Royaltea Brand

The Royaltea offers a full range of teas (hot and iced). Our goal is to provide popular premium teas to our valued customers in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Our tea has proven to be popular among all age groups in the United States.

30 Kinds of Teas

Our tea-tenders will know the best brewing temperature, procedure and time for each of the 30 kinds of teas we offer. These include Chinese green and black tea, our house special Milk Foam Tea, popular Bubble Milk Tea, refreshing Fresh Fruit Tea, Pure Tea, etc.


Except for Slush and Fresh Fruit Tea, which taste best in cold, all the rest teas are available hot or iced for customers to enjoy in store or take home at their leisure.







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